Yep, just another OOTD.

Tapas, cocktails & resting bitch face (I swear I was happy to be there)

Outfit #2 in Barcelona

Blazer, jeans & nude bodysuit

OOTD and lunch

Barcelona OOTD with sunglasses


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A quick lil OOTD from a trip to Barcelona with my fave.

Day one of exploring Barcelona and wondering around Park Guell...

Barcelona Street Style

Denim Jacket, Jumpsuit, Trainers

Have you guys ever visited Barcelona? What was your favourite thing to do? - Don't forget to share your OOTD pics/posts! 


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I'm aiming to start posting more fashion content on here in the next few weeks - so what better way to start than with a Style Steal post!!

I've recently became addicted to Claire Chanelle's YouTube channel over the past few months, and her love for Balmain jackets seems to have rubbed off on me. I totally agree with her on the front of buying investment pieces and getting the wear out of items, but I'm not in the same financial position to be spending over £1k on a blazer.... so I've been on the hunt to find a similar style for a fraction of the price. 

I went shopping with Mama P the other day and look what I happened to find...

Primark gold buttoned blazer

Close up of gold buttons

Primark blazer full length

Primark black blazer
Primark Blazer - £20

I'm also a huge fan of Valentino and their rockstud heels and flats. So another item I saw which I HAD to purchase, were these beauties..... (yes, of course I had to get both colours - I'm that girl)

Studded cross strap shoes

Primark studded shoes

Nude and black Primark studded shoes
Primark studded flat shoes - £10 each.

What do you guys think of these finds? Are you interested in high street lookalikes, or do you save for the real thing?

I want to start this post off by setting the scene - I'm currently sat infront of my makeup drawers looking at the 9, yes 9 foundations that are in there, deciding which ones make the cut and which ones I'm just hoarding... 

I'm sure every girl has been in the position of wanting to find the perfect foundation and scouring Youtube reviews to find it - I'm guilty of that for sure. For aaages I was wearing the same foundation but wanted to get on board the hype with some of the new ones out there.  I've been trialling and testing some for months now, so here are my top 3 rated foundations for normal/combination skin.

MUFE Foundation Y245

Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation - Y245 - £29 | Available here
I purchased this when I was in NYC last summer after the whole Youtube community went crazy for it. At first impression I wasn't impressed... but I tried it with a different primer and a setting spray and holy-molyyyyy. Game changer. The shade of this foundation matches me absolutely perfect - both when I've got no fake tan on, and even when I've got a light coating on - how does it do that?! It's medium coverage but easy to build to full, and gives a flawless dewy finish, without looking cakey or oily. This foundation has no SPF so is perfect for flash photography too!

Matte and Poreless foundation 220

Maybelline Matte & Poreless - 220 - £5.99 | Available here
This is another foundation that Youtubers went mad for, but I wasn't really interested in trying it until I realised my Mam had it. (Awks when my mam is more up to date on foundation trends than I am) I find this foundation does exactly what it says on the tin - it minimises my pores and leaves a natural but flawless matte finish for such a reasonable price. Maybelline have recently launched more shades - thank god, as the variation was lets face it, a bit of a joke. So I'm excited to swatch them and check out the lighter shades. Heads up: 220 is a lot darker than it looks, for me it's only really suitable when I've got dark tan on.

MAC Studio Fix NC35

MAC Studio Fix Fluid - NC35 - £23.50 | Available here
An oldy but a goodie. I couldn't write this post without mentioning my holy grail - when all else fails, MAC is there to save the day. I used to wear this everyday before I tried MUFE, but now only keep this for nights out when I want that extra full coverage look. This shade, again, is only really suitable when I've got tan on (do you see a pattern here - no wonder I've got 9 foundations) but I also have NC20 and NC25 and they match fine.

Beaubelle Oval Brushes
brushes: Beaubelle

Have you tried any of these foundations? What would your top 3 be? Leave me a comment letting me know :-)


I'm always intrigued in others' skincare regime and their tips on how to achieve clear skin, so after having a month of nearly perfect, clear skin (yes, you read correct - a whole month without a breakout), I've decided to share my current regime and the 5 products I swear by.

Side note: I am not a skincare expert or promising these products will work for everyone, I'm just telling you which products have worked wonders for my skin and what I recommend.

Garnier products

Skincare products

Biore blackhead pulling strips

Garnier Micellar Water | Available here
I've been using this on and off for around 2/3 years now and can honestly say I swear by it. I use it with a cotton pad to remove makeup, and even on no makeup days I use it to cleanse my skin. I have normal/combination skin and have used the type designed for my skin type (the green bottle) but find the original just as good. I've tried other brands of micellar water but always come back to Garnier - this is a number 1 must have in my skincare regime.

Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask | Available here
These were the first sheet masks I've tried and are still my favourite! I aim to use one every 2/3 weeks or just when my face looks a bit dehydrated. I leave it on for around 10 minutes and my mam always comments saying how radiant I look afterwards. (Be quick, these are currently only 99p in Boots!! I've just stocked up!)
Biore Pore Strips | Available here
If you're a fan of gross things - you'll love these! You leave them on your nose/chin until they go hard, sort of like papermache, and when you peel them off you can see all the grim stuff that's been hiding in your pores. It's oddly satisfying! I aim to do a couple of these on my nose and chin every couple of weeks and can't live without them now! I've tried a few brands of pore strips but without a doubt find Biore the best, you can get cheaper supermarket own brands but in my opinion it's worth spending the extra on these bad boys. (Ps: The charcoal version also works amazingly)

The Body Shop Seaweed Toner | Available here
 I use this like a standard toner after cleansing, and it does sting a little bit, but I always just assume that means it's working (?) Haha. It's quite worrying what I did before I used toners - I always cleanse, wash my face then tone, and with this it still manages to pick up bits of dirt that I've missed (eww) I'll definitely be repurchasing this product, it's my fave toner at the moment.

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Oil | Available here
Confession time - this is my sisters (shhh) It was just sat on the drawers staring at me so I had to give it a try!! I've only used it a couple of times on a night before moisturising but on both occasions the next morning my skin was sooo soft and fresh looking. I was a bit wary about using an oil, especially on my T-zone as sometimes that can be oily to begin with, but it didn't leave a gross residue on my face like expected and worked perfectly with my moisturiser. (Emily, if you're reading this - I pinky promise I'll buy you a new bottle if I accidentally use all of this)

Have you tried any of these products? Let me know in the comments!

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We've all done it at some point; you know, casually popping onto Selfridges and Net-a-porter and adding two items to your bag totalling £7.3k, then quickly closing the window down once reality kicks in that you're not really going to click checkout.

I've been adding items to my 'luxury list' for years now. Each January I think yes, if I start saving now then I can afford to buy it in July as a 'Happy birthday to me, from me'... Yet here I am, about 3/4 years down the line with not one item from said list. I suppose you could say that I suck at saving.

As my list is ever growing I've decided to share with you guys some of the items that I've been obsessed with for a while, and some I'm lusting over at the moment.

Brace yourselves.... Forecast of beautiful handbags ahead...

Diorama Calfskin bag

Givenchy Antigona sugar leather tote
Of course I had to start with my #1. I've wanted this bag since I saw (my then idol) Miranda Kerr with this, circa 2011. I started by desperately wanting the black leather, but as time has gone on my love for neutral colours has increased and this colour is just perfect. IMHO I think the sugar leather would be the best option, as it would be durable and would stand the test of time - whereas something like the patent leather could be easily scratched and could look worn, quicker.

Gianvito Rossi Plexi & Valentino Rockstud heels
*moment of silence please* Again, my love for both of these shoes stems from Inthefrow - she's just goals all 'round. Both of these would look perfect for date nights and events, but can just as easily dress up ripped jeans and a plain tee. Just imagine those Valentino's with the Diorama bag, ahhhhhh #outfitgoals

Gucci embellished leather belt
This item was only recently added to my list and I'm OBSESSED. I mean yes, £300 for a bloomin belt is a bit much, but how beaut!! It would just transform any outfit and make it look so chic.

Diorama grained calfskin
A while back I saw this beaut on Inthefrow and ever since I've been obsessed. I've now started to see this pop up on a few peoples blogs and I just can't deal with it. The colours you can get this bag in is unreal, but I love the black grained calfskin finish. I think (perhaps) (potentially) (maybe) this has overtaken my other dream bag, the Chanel Boy bag.

So there you have it - a little insight into whats on my luxury list. Of course there's still another 10+ items on the list but I'll leave that for another time..

What do you think of these items? What's on your luxury list? Let me know in the comments!

Ps: my Morphe giveaway is still open, you can find all details here.
My valentines surprise this year? This beaut. The Violet Voss X Laura Lee palette.
+100 boyfriend points.

Laura Lee eyeshadow palette

My best friend had text me earlier in the week saying she was going on a spending splurge and what did I think of the Violet Voss X Laura Lee eyeshadow palette; of course my reply was 'BUY IT' - little did I know she was actually undercover on behalf of my boyfriend wanting the inside scoop. (sly little dogs)

Violet Voss eyeshadow palette

Violet Voss X Laura Lee palette

The packaging is not only beaut, but it's such good quality. It's a really sturdy palette which would be perfect for travelling with; you wouldn't have to worry about it being bashed and bruised when pulling it out your case. The mirror is probably the best one I've come across in a palette too - none of that distortion, just a large perfectly clear mirror.

I swatched a few some shades and I can already see why there was such a big hype around this palette.

Bravo to Jack for thinking of this amazing present & for having it delivered as a complete surprise.

Let me know if you've ever tried a Violet Voss palette, & if you'd like me to share some looks created with it.

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