Monday, 28 November 2016


All hail Beaubelle's brush pots!

A while back I purchased the 24PCS Beaubelle black make-up brush set and was pleasantly surprised with the quality, baring in mind how low cost they were! Therefore when Beaubelle recently held an Instagram competition where one lucky winner would win a limited edition Rose Gold brush pot & an Oval Brush pot, I had to enter.... & who'd have thought I'd be the lucky winner?!

My prize arrived shortly after they announced I was the winner and they arrived just as beaut as they looked on the pictures!

Rose Gold Brush set
 Beaubelle Limited Edition Rose Gold Makeup Brush Pot - £59.95
Rose Gold set of brushes

Rose Gold brush set, Beaubelle

Rose Gold Brushes, close up

Beaubelle Rose Gold brushes, close up
 How amazing?! I used these brushes for the first time at the weekend and I was sooo impressed!! The quality is amazing, they're incredibly soft and lets face it, they're very aesthetically pleasing. My personal favourite so far, is the third from the left. It's so fluffy and works so well for blending shadow in the crease.

Beaubelle Oval Face brush
 Beaubelle Oval Mastery Makeup Brush Pot - £64.95
Beaubelle Oval Mastery set

Beaubelle Oval brushes on flat lay

Beaubelle Oval Brushes, close up

Beaubelle Oval brushes, close up left side

I've wanted to try these style of brushes since Mac released their version, but refused to pay the price! The fact I won these is just the cherry on top!
I can't express just how soft these brushes are, they're amazing! Beaubelle - what do you do??!!
Just like the Rose Gold set, I started using these at the weekend and was pleasantly surprised with the outcome! I'm reaching more for the smaller ones at the moment (but I think that's just because I can't separate myself from my beauty blender) but they definitely help create a flawless base and blend everything together well... I can't wait to try the bigger one for foundation and see if there's a difference in outcome!

Aesthetically pleasing, amazing quality brushes that I WON!! - What more could I ask for?!
Have you guys tried Beaubelle? If not, don't forget to check out their products here; I personally can't recommend them enough.


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  1. Wow, these brushes look absolutely stunning! You're so lucky! I def need to check this brand out!

    Nicole | The Glam Surge


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